Analytical Data Intelligence

The authoritative EI methodology to extract maximum ROI from customer data

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Data Mining & Analytics

Data Mining is the application of statistical and logical techniques to "uncover hidden patterns and relationships" within large sets of structured or unstructured data records and to "infer decision rules" useful in predicting future outcomes. MORE INFORMATION

Data Quality & Enrichment

Data quality and integrity is vital to any integration initiative. Before data can be used for business analytics, marketing campaigns or even customer relationship management, the data needs to be cleansed, standardised, validated
and enriched.

Enterprise Solutions

Our enterprise solutions have the architectural flexibility to enable industry-specific solutions and departmental benefits that solve a wide range of business challenges. MORE INFORMATION

Data > Insight > Decision

Why Use EI

We have built a solid reputation and industry credibility due to a proven business track record built over 15 years of ethical business practices and servicing well over 250 clients in the complex and challenging data solutions industry.

Business Focus

Our clients require solutions that will enable them to better understand their customers and to implement improved marketing and operational processes in order to profitably grow their revenue from current and potential customers.

Why our Analytics deliver

Our models are balanced with input from non-risk modelling backgrounds and we are the only company building predictive models in SA that has also developed Data Quality engineering software (InfoArchitect®).

Solutions Methodology

Analytical Data Intelligence is the name we have given to a solution methodology pioneered and developed by us that bridges the data-information-insight-decision gaps in an organisation.

Data Services

We offer a specialist data service that can improve, enhance, analyse and report on all aspects of customer and operational business data. Our bureau is headed by solutions experts and staffed with dedicated and expert SQL analysts.


We provide solutions that out-think our client’s competition; by making fact-based decisions based on invaluable insights.