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About Us

The EI Group

Effective Intelligence (EI) was founded in 1998 with a passion to develop solutions to assist with managing and enhancing customer data as well as to extract the most information and intelligence through applying world-class statistical analysis including machine learning and AI techniques.

EI therefore developed specialist software and methodologies to assist IT departments to re-structure, validate and enhance data which could then  enable other departments such as Advertising, BI, Call Centres and Marketing to develop insights and intelligence to improve their efficiencies.

We then grew our own marketing division to assist clients with Customer Acquisition campaigns through purchasing the only large and focused proprietary consumer marketing database in SA at that time. 

This has grown to us building many software solutions and platforms including our campaign tracking system using our own short-link system ( which offers world-class functionality but with one major difference - unlike every other short-link system our clients data and results are kept private and not shared with any other company or website.

We have also gained great experience in a number of key vertical markets including: Insurance, Financial services, Retail, Real Estate, Automotive and Travel. This experience and our large datasets have enabled us to develop robust large training datasets for our machine learning solutions, which gives us an advantage over other companies or analytical teams using "internal data" only.

As we grew we focused on ensuring even higher levels of data security and privacy compliance and it was natural for us to then register as a Credit Bureau in SA, which we achieved in 2018. We can offer all Credit Bureau services but normally focus on specific areas that enable Customer Value growth.

Since then we have grown to offer multiple solutions both in South Africa and East Africa and have now provided solutions to over 400 companies.

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