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The following are a list of some of our main solutions. We have many solutions and can combine or customise solutions, so please contact us if we dont show the specific solution you require.

CASE STUDIES are included with some of the Solution Overviews.


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Data Quality

We categorise our data solutions into four main groups:

  • Data Quality - where this is related to to the validity of the structure of the fields within data files, but without any contact update against external data files.

  • Contact Update - Data quality of the content of the fields as related to a person where we will update the latest contact information on a customer.

  • Contact Update with Enhanced information for Analytics - This solution provides additional enhanced information as variables that can be used to filter or select or profile groups of customers.

  • Data Quality Software - These software suites can be licensed and run onsite by our clients for Online Real-time data capture or Batch processing.


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Segmentation Models

We have been building segmentation models for many decades. One big advantage that we have is that we have built a large proprietary national dataset with granular level information that supports geospatial modelling with overlays of data containing demographic and psychographic variables.In addition, our use of Machine Learning algorithms with these huge data assets meant that we could develop large training data sets for our Machine Learning algorithms to be optimised on.


The essential process is that we overlay our clients Customer Data over our national datasets and using multiple statistical techniques we can group customers into practical defined groups for analytical, marketing or advertising purposes.

We then display the data in an (optional) online dashboard that enables multiple variables to be combined in order to drill down and categorise customers and external prospects into groups that can be quantified for growth opportunity purposes. This enables both high level strategic options and low level tactical operational aspects such as A/B Champion Challenger and other testing methodologies as well as targeted marketing campaigns to be conducted.

We have successfully used these machine learning optimised segmentation techniques for many Clients across Automotive, Insurance, Financial services, Travel and Real estate Markets.


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Lead Generation for Customer Acquisition

We have conducted campaigns to hundred of millions of prospects across many market sectors suining different channels.

We have lead generation solutions that range from high volume "kick-start" or "fill" campaigns to  generate leads in quiet call centre periods, as well as ongoing lead volume generation. We specialise in data intelligence driven solutions rather than the supply of generic low cost low conversion leads.

We also do solutions to obtain POPIA consent and build customer bases.

Please chat with us if you want to find out more about these solutions.


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Campaign Tracking & Analysis

We have developed our own proprietary short-link platform that allows us to securely direct and track interactions across different channels. Our system does NOT share information with any third parties and therefore meets all Data privacy standards.

Note: The standard Bitly type short-link options available in the market normally earn income through sharing the customer data with third parties. This compromises the data privacy of all persons being messaged which is an issue with POPIA and GDPR legislation and may put companies at risk.

Our EI short-link system enables us to significantly extend the value of a SMS message as well as to provide digitally trackable multi-options for increased customer and prospect campaigns.


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Syndicated Location Fraud

We have developed solutions that enable us to identify potential fraud related to location, syndicates and associated relationships over time. These links are not normally detectable but through analysing your current fraud we are often able to identify leading indicators of future potential fraud.


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Access to Credit Bureau Data API's

As a Credit Bureau we are able to provide real-time Application Program Interfaces to access Credit Bureau data for prescribed purposes.

Please discuss your requirements with us as there are many options. Costs are dependent on monthly and annual volumes of "calls" submitted.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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